Demolition & Reinstatement

The client and design team have worked together to reduce the extent of demolition and re-instatement, so that there is now an almost complete superstructure retention. This section shows a diagram of how the demolition extents have changed since the planning application scheme.

As shown, in the current proposals only the centre of the prow of the podium is now proposed for reconstruction. The front podium is now also fully retained thanks to a change in scale and ambition for the Hotel component which now has reduced supporting areas in a reduced basement extent limited to only below the open atrium thus removing the need for demolition and re-instatement.

The rear bay of the Y-Building is also now fully retained along with the expressed rear staircase in a bid to faithfully preserve the existing fabric.

The carpark decks and ramp are still proposed for full removal in order to allow for the extensive landscaping of the site thus radically improving the visual amenity of all surrounding properties, and to allow access through to the car park lifts. The overall cladding is still proposed for removal and like for like aesthetic re-instatement.

Reduction in the Scope of Demolition and Re-instatement (click to enlarge)

Demolition & Reinstatement

The Prow of the Podium: External Superstructure Retention

In order to preserve the integrity of the original exterior, we are proposing a comprehensive retention of the external superstructure, and the removal of only superseded internal structural elements.