Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this work need to be done?

The Complex is reaching the end of its useful life. Many components of the building are over 56 years old. Given the level of reinvestment required it has been decided to repurpose the Complex rather than merely refurbish it. The project will create a more sustainable and thermally efficient building to meet today’s environmental standards. It will generate new life and add vitality to the neighbourhood particularly in the evenings and at weekends.


Why the changes to the consented scheme?

Since planning permission and listed building consent were granted in 2016, we have been exploring a number of scheme refinements. We believe the changes will enhance the already consented scheme, creating an environment that helps make Millbank Tower an attractive destination, for local residents and workers as well as for visitors.


What happens next?

We will formally submit these proposals to Westminster City Council, where they will be the subject of public consultation and will be evaluated by planning officers.


If planning permission is granted when is work likely to start?

If planning permission and listed building consent are granted work will not begin until October 2020.


How long will it take for the proposed development to be completed?

We anticipate that it will take 3 years to complete construction. Work will be carried out so as to minimise the impact on the surrounding area and neighbours.


How will disruption be kept to a minimum?

We will submit a detailed construction management plan that will set out in detail how all aspects of the building process will be managed. During the construction phase residents and businesses will be given the details of the site manager whom they can contact at any point if there are concerns or problems.


What will the cultural centre be used for?

The cultural centre will be run by the BFI (British Film Institute). This is a new centre that they are creating and their existing London venues: BFI Southbank, BFI Stephen Street and BFI Imax, will continue to operate. BFI Millbank will be a centre for the future of the moving image.


How can I make my views known to the developer?

You can respond via the Feedback Form or get in touch with us via the email address below. Please do not hesitate to get in to contact with us regarding any questions you may have.