Landscaping & Public Realm 2015

Enhanced Garden and Frontage

The landscape is designed as a flowing composition at ground level, drawing the patterns of the river into the site. A layout of abstract clipped planting at podium level will reflect the geometries of the building. Circular and curved forms will create a striking composition of low retaining walls, ramps and steps as the garden rises over the top of the car park towards Millbank Court. Curved bands of paving with drainage channels run through the scheme linking the public and private spaces.

A retained London Plane tree forms a central focal point of the rear gardens and provides a sense of maturity and identity for the gardens. Green walls to the rear soften the existing boundary facades and blur the boundary between the landscape and built form. Paving materials and cobbled ‘band’ continued to the street frontage to unify the scheme. Living roof enhances bio-diversity and creates new habitats for insects.