Why does this work need to be done?

The building must be refurbished as the façade is wearing out and the internal office space is not suitable for contemporary use. The project will create a more sustainable and thermally efficient building to meet today’s environmental standards.


What happens next?

The developer has made a formal submission of these proposals  and the scheme, which is now registered with Westminster City Council, is now being evaluated by planning officers.


When will work start?

If planning permission is granted work will not begin before 2019 at the earliest.


How long will it take?

We anticipate that it will take two to three years. It will be done in phases to reduce the impact on the surrounding area.


How will disruption be kept to a minimum?

The developer has submitted a detailed construction management plan which sets out in detail how all aspects of the building process will be managed. During the construction phase residents will be given the details of site managers whom they can contact ay any point if there are concerns.


What will the cultural centre be used for?

The developer is exploring different uses for this facility so that it makes a positive addition to the local community.


How can I make my views known to the developer?

You can respond via the contact page on this site or to the email address