Transport Strategy

Ground floor plan with vehicle access routes

Ground floor plan with vehicle access routes


Proposed Transport Strategy:


The principal pedestrian access points to the site will continue to be from Millbank.

Car park
Car parking will take place in a newly constructed basement car park which will be accessed from the hotel drop-off on Millbank. Access for site users will be via two dedicated car lifts.

Residents of the adjacent Millbank Court will continue to be able to access a designated number of car parking spaces from their site via John Islip Street. These car parking spaces will be segregated from those provided for the proposed development.

Residential drop-off
Residential drop-off will be provided outside the residential entrance in the area of kerb space currently occupied by two diplomatic bays, which will be surplus to requirements.

Cycle parking will be provided in accessible locations within the basement.

Hotel drop-off
Hotel drop-off will take place from the existing Millbank Complex drop-off area, which will be modified; the junctions will remain in the same locations but the drop-off area will be moved east and sit between the podium’s supporting columns.

Due to the spatial constraints of the site and its Grade II listed status it is not possible to accommodate a large coach on-site. As the hotel will be 5* it is not expected that coach parties will require access frequently; on the infrequent occasions that coach drop-off/ pick-up is required this will take place from the coach bay approximately 100m to the south or through use of the dedicated coach parking facilities directly opposite the proposed development.

Taxis will set down and pick up passengers from the respective drop-off points from the residential and hotel land uses.

Emergency service
Emergency service vehicles will be able to access the site via the various vehicle access points. In addition a route will be provided through the public area forming the western portion of the site to accommodate emergency service vehicles.

Public realm
Due to the creation of a high quality area of public realm to the rear of the development servicing access will be relocated to Thorney Street. The area will be self-contained with sufficient space for vehicles to enter and exit without causing any queueing issues on Thorney Street.